FA Cup Semi-Final Everton v Manchester United


Harley Match Reports


FA Cup Semi-Final Match Report

The FA cup semi-final was Everton vs Manchester United. It finished 2-1 to us. Fellaini scored then half time went. They pinged the ball into the box and Chris Smalling put it in his own goal so then the score was 1-1. Unlucky for Smalling!

It could have ended up in penalties! After ninety minutes the referee added another three minutes for injuries. In the ninety second minute, Anthony Martial scored! It was amazing, a screamer and we’re through to the final!

Did you see the game?

In my opinion, Manchester united is the best premier league team.

Amazing strikers like Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford are in the team. Rashford skilled two players up and powered the ball into the top right corner for a stunning goal against West Ham.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mr Lockerby says:

    I thought Everton were unlucky…..but Man Utd should win it now against Palace…..Mr Lockerby


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