My Ultimate Fifa 16 Team

Riley Fifa 16

On my ultimate team I have a ‘man of the match’, an inform, Oscar, Falco and Bravo. My team has got 100 chemistry and 81 rating!

I sold my Gareth Bale for 80k and used that to buy my ‘inform’ and ‘man of the match’.

I also entered the Fut Draft but I went out in the first round because I’m terrible at Fifa!

The Fut Draft is where if you win you get to carry on in the Draft. If you lose your first game, you lose your team but you do get three packs which can be a silver players pack, a gold pack, a mega pack, or a 100k pack.

The Draft costs 15k or 300 Fifa points. You might be wondering what Fifa points are its where you spend money to get some points which you can spend on packs or Fut Draft.

Keep an eye out for my next post all about Fifa 16.

I’d love to know about your favourite Fifa team…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mrs Bailey says:

    It’s been good reading your blogs so far. Hope you’re enjoying writing them.


    1. Hello Mrs Bailey! Nice to hear from you :o)


  2. Class 5 says:

    Class 5 have enjoyed reading your blogs – amazing!


    1. Thanks Class 5 – we are glad you have enjoyed reading them :o)


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