Sohan’s Favourite Video Games

My Favourite Video Games

  1. Clash royale

  2. Roblox

  3. Clash of clans

  4. Terraria

  5. Battle bears gold

Clash Royale

Courtesy of Portal GDA

Clash Royale is card battle game. You use an elixir to summon troops. The cost of each elixir is on the card.

You can battle with real opponents. You and your opponent have 3 towers. The king is at the back and if you destroy the king tower you win a ‘3 crown’. You can win a ‘1 crown’ if you destroy the two crown towers at the front.

When you open a chest, you get new cards. There are wooden chests, silver chests, golden chests, giant chests, magical chests and super magical chests.



Courtesy of Albert Levin

Roblox is a game where you can join other people’s games. You can join any free games. Some games require you to buy with robux. You can your create own game which other people can play.

There is a catalog which you can go to and buy clothes to make your character/avatar look better. You can use tickets and robux to buy items from the catalog.


Clash of Clans

Courtesy of Themeplus

In this game you are a chief of a village. You can buy defences to defend your village from other people who might carry out a raid. Troops are needed if you want to attack other villages. To get troops, you’ll require elixir.  Your elixir might run out if you’re not careful.

Depending on how you are feeling, you can raid other villages for loot. You might decide to join a clan and then your clan mates can send you troops to help out. That way you’ll become stronger.




Terraria is a 2d game where you can explore dungeons, underground, and biomes. There are 4 biomes: crimson biome, corruption biome, hollow biome and shroom biome.

You can craft all kinds of different weapons and you can use magic books. Magic requires ‘Mana’. ‘Mana’ is on the right side of your screen. Your health/ hp is on the top left of the screen. You can also get weapons in chests found in dungeons, underground, under water and across your world.


Battle Bears Gold

When you play Battle Bears Gold, the first character you’ll have is a soldier called Oliver.

First you have to play the tutorial  – remember read every single sign or else you wont know how to play! Some characters will cost gas and some character will cost jewels. Jewels are easy to get, but gas is pretty hard. You can earn jewels by defeating people in: team battle, free for all/FFA, king of the windmill and plant the bomb (don’t worry there is no blood when you defeat someone, they just lay on the ground!)


What is your favourite video game?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mr Cook says:

    You’ve made these games sound very exciting Sohan but I must admit that this time of year I would prefer to be outside in the garden! Do you think that children should be limited in the amount of time they spend ‘devices’ or should they be allowed to make their own choices? The reason I ask is that I have had a big discussion at home with my children about this subject.


  2. I think they should be allowed to make their own choices on how much time they spend on devices. I really enjoy using my ipad and maybe I’m old enough to make my own decision :o) Sohan


  3. Class 5 says:

    Sohan the games you mentioned are amazing and my favourite game is Roblox – Ehan class 5.


    1. Thanks Ethan! Glad you like my post!


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