Digging in the Woods…by Kian


I live in an old barracks where the soldiers use to sleep next to my house is the woods that the soldiers use to use as a training camp. 

One day on the weekend I asked my mum if we could go digging down the woods .She promised we would go later that day but she got caught up in looking after my niece.

 So the next day me and my mum went digging in the woods with our metal detector it might seem weird but there must be hundreds of bullets stuck in the ground the metal detector beeped a lot but mainly for metal cans.

 Finally my mum and I found something the metal detector wouldn’t stop beeping so me and my mum started digging we dug for so long but nothing it was no use it was obviously too deep for us to dig so we stopped digging. Two days later we went digging again this time we went right up the top towards the old barracks again with the metal detector we put the metal detector in the barracks but all it picked up was corrugated iron we walked up a little bit more until we found some really soft concrete. It hadn’t settled very well so we started digging. The concrete was really thick and long, but by the time we had got to the bottom of the concrete we found sharp sand in the middle of the woods. The question me and my mum asked ourselves was why would anyone put sharp sand over something if they didn’t want to move it if they didn’t want to move it they would of put mud back over the thing they buried. 

The next day we got ready to set off again when my sister called and asked if her my niece and my nephew could. Ten minutes later me and my mum were at the hole. We started digging until my mum hit something metal so we started digging around it. We couldn’t see what it was at first because all the sand kept on falling back on to it. Finally we got all of the sand off of it. It was corrugated iron we tried making a hole in it with the spade but we couldn’t  and then we saw some people walking up the hill. It was my sister, nephew niece and my sister’s boyfriend. He helped us make a hole in the corrugated iron but all that was under there was…MUD. 



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  1. Mrs Bailey says:

    That sounds like quite an adventure Kian, even if you didn’t find anything. Did you take the photo too? It looks like it’s a great place to live near to.


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