Are you in need of a laugh?

Do you need a laugh today?


Then read on for some jokes and one-liners from Braden and Kian.

You’ll also find a limerick by Jamie …


What has 22 legs and 24 arms?

A  football team

Where do cows go when they are sad?

To the mooovies

Why did the T-Rex roast the pig?

Because he wanted roast pork.

A horse walks into a bar. The bar tender says “Why the long face?”

Why did the biscuit go to the doctor?

Because it felt crummy.

What happens when you throw a clock out of a window?

Time flies

A skeleton walks into KFC and orders bone-free chicken….

Jamie’s Limerick


There once was a wolf called Glare,

Who had a really good stare.

He jumped over a bar

So I ran to my car.

I got away, which he though was unfair.

Tell us your favourite jokes and limericks via our comments section!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mrs Bailey says:

    Why did the toilet roll roll down the hill?
    Because it wanted to get to the bottom!


    1. That’s a good one Mrs Bailey!


  2. Mr Lockerby says:

    A polar bear walks into a bar…..says nothing, then after few minutes orders a drink. The bartender the says to him, why the long pause? (Paws)😂


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