Match Report: England vs Turkey


On Sunday 22nd may 2016 England played turkey in a game of international football.

It was an interesting game and the final score  was 2-1 to England!

Amazing goals were scored, the first by Harry Kane after 3 minutes.

I think that goal was actually offside though! Dele Alli made the pass as soon as Kane was in front of the defender, but the referee thought different so 1-0 to England.

Calhanoglu scored during the 13th minute:  1-1

Thoughout the game Harry Kane got a couple of free kicks but he missed them. It’s a shame that Beckham and Gerrard aren’t playing for us anymore.

But it looked like it wouldn’t matter about not making the most of the free kicks, because the ref gave a penalty to England. Sadly, Kane hit the post!

When all hope was lost, on the 83rd minute Jamie Vardy scored. 2-1 to England!

Full time whistle sounded, and England won the game!


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  1. Mr Lockerby says:

    Unfortunately, not wanting to be negative, but friendlies against sub-standard opposition is one thing – wait until we play against a real team in a competitive match..!🤗


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