Should I eat chicken?

I’ve been thinking about chickens this week.

Should I eat them?

Three reasons not to…

  1. You have to kill a chicken!
  2. Eating too much greasy chicken can make you fat.
  3. Chicken farms (where some of our chicken meat comes from) can be cruel for the chickens – they are kept in cramped conditions and fattened up.


Do you eat chicken?





3 Comments Add yours

  1. I only buy free range chicken and I don’t deep fry it. Does that help?


    1. Buying free range chicken sounds much better! Maybe all chicken should be free range…


      1. I think so. 5 years ago, free range eggs and free range chicken was unaffordable in my country but now they are around the same price as caged and battery. I don’t know why anyone would choose to eat caged chickens if price isn’t an issue. The more people buy free range, the more affordable it becomes.


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