Reflecting on England v Russia

Whilst England are preparing to get on the pitch to play Wales in their second match of the tournament, I’m reflecting about the game on Saturday…

On Saturday the 11th I was watching England v Russia it was an amazing match but the score was a disappointing 1-1 .


At the start, only seven minutes in, Lallana had an amazing shot but it was only a few inches away from the post.

 Later on in the first half,  Dele Alli had a half volley but it went wide and I was so annoyed!

 Only two minutes later Alli crossed the ball into Kane but he hit the far post.

Were we ever going to score?

It took a long time…

but on the 73 min England got a free kick right outside the box.

Kane smashed it and the keeper just couldn’t touch it! 


To be honest Russia had a good chance.

One of the Russian players crossed it in the box, and another player got his head on it but Hart saved it.

 With just a minute to go before the final whistle,  Berezutski scored a header.

* * *

 We need to move on from this disappointing draw.

Come on England!

By Jamie


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