My Harry Potter Trip

On Tuesday the 8th of November 2016, year 6 – from Whitfield Aspen School – went to Harry Potter World at Warner Brother Studios at Watford. We went there because in literacy we were learning about Harry Potter so we decided to go behind the scenes.

Excitedly, we all marched to the bus and observed: coloured cobwebs, spooky skeletons, creepy cauldrons and scary spiders that the bus drivers had decorated for us. We sat down and all started to play games with each other. My friend and I started by playing noughts and crosses followed by word searches. My teacher came down the bus and checked we all had our seatbelts on, the bus then started and My teacher wasn’t sat down yet! [Naughty, Naughty] Roughly 1 hour later, we ate lunch and then stopped off at a station for a loo break. After that the bus settled down and we then arrived in no time!

When we arrived, we received our wristbands and mini passports and went in. We were told that we were V.I.P and we got to skip the enormous queue and went straight in to a room with a video clip of how Harry Potter became a big thing, followed by a large cinema type room with another clip. Everyone rushed for the front line and wanted to sit with their friends.

Then, at that moment we opened the gates and went through into the Great hall. We saw all of the costumes and Charlie claimed that the actor who played Hagrid was his cousin. I still don’t believe him though! We then journeyed on to the other parts of the world. The passports were engraved with a Harry Potter logo/sign- it was a different one each time, they were all very pretty though.

After that, we went off into our workshop where we were writing stories using Harry Potter props that were actually used in the movie! The winners got to win a cool Harry Potter badge and an envelope that was used in the film. Everyone else got an envelope too. Luckily, I was on the winning table! Yay!!

After that we journeyed onwards and arrived at platform 9 ¾. Everyone gazed at the train in astonishment, and rushed over to the stamp. Typical.

My friends and I were the first people to go on the train and the last people to use the stamp. Then we saw the train simulator and queued up to go on it. Everyone else waited whilst we used the simulator.

Diagon Alley was next this was the thing I had been waiting for. It was so detailed and magical, it was just how it looked in the film. Everyone was strolling down the pathway amazement. I was shocked by all of the detail and the effort that people had put into this master piece. It was probably the best thing they had!

Then we arrived at the Model of Hogwarts (the actual model itself).I was stunned by the detail and how well it was painted! I thought to myself some people are so talented and patient, the amount of time it must have taken them is ludicrous. They must have to be the most talented people I’ve ever seen. Patience, time and detail and it would have to be precise. Wow…!

We then walked through the shop and lined up for the bus. As soon as we got on we were told that we could eat dinner and then settle down, Master Brown sat at the back with all of the cool kids and probably made the worst decision of his life and wishing we would arrive. My friends and I drew and played some games and all ate our sweets. We arrived at school not long after that.

Harry Potter Land was a journey of a life time, I would love to do it again with the same people. It is the best school trip and I loved it very much. I will never forget the trip.

By Judy


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