Kyle’s Trip to Warner Film Studios

On Tuesday the x 8th November 2016 class 1/2 travelled by coach to Warner Film Studios at Watford (out skirts of London), to learn about Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone because we’re studying about it in class.

The coach journey was tiring. My friend and I slept most of the way there and back. I got a spider (green) and a zombie that talked, on the other hand my friend got a spider (purple) and a pumpkin (not real) then we had a toilet break then everybody hopped back on the coach and carried on the journey.

We finally got there, so we all got of the coach and then we all stood for a couple of minutes, we went outside the front door and we all got excited and were given wrist bands which made us VIP, they were blue and yellow. The building was gigantic, we stepped in the building and some people had their bags checked. When we got in the registration area we could see harry potters actual robe it was cool we went to cinema where harry, Ron and Hermione told us about their films.

First of all we all went to great hall where the staff gave us a tour there was about 67 VIP’s and about 345 non VIPs.

After all of that we all went to a workshop where they make the faces. Because Hagrid is so tall for his shoes they put wooden plats to make the actor nice and tall. The way they make them is they use stuff called silicon. It feels weird but it made good masks you can only use it once so they obviously make the best of it.

We went to the train station and it actually was 9¾, we went through a door we saw the Hogwarts express, smoke actually came out the bottom of the train. Did you know the Hogwarts express was a real train? Everyone went on the train and amazingly all the compartments where based to look like all the compartments in each episodes.

We had a brilliant day!

By Kyle


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