FA Cup Final – Man U vs Crystal Palace

So the final came to Wembley Stadium: home to the England fans.


The match kicked off between Manchester United v Crystal Palace and we had to wait a long time for the first goal.

Unluckily for us, it went to Crystal Palace!

As the game went on Chris Smalling (our defender) got two yellow cards meaning he got sent off.

We only had 3 defenders left!

Camped out in their box, Juan Mata sneakily struck the ball in to the bottom corner.

His goal took us to extra time…

Just in to the second half of extra time, we whipped the ball in to the box and on the volley, Jesse Lingard smashed it in to the top corner!

His goal led us on to winning the FA cup final!

Celebrating like crazy, they all held up the trophy.

Well done United!

By Harley


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mr Lockerby says:

    It’s a pity Van Gaal had to spend £250,000,000 on players just to win the cup!


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